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Somatic Attunement & Movement Education


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Somatic Attunement: A weekend retreat for Practitioners in the Healing Arts with Maria Moser and Penny Allport

"It makes a wonderful difference whether we find in the body an ally or an adversary." -Goethe

All movement classes and workshops with Penny call on the wisdom of Yoga as an inquiry based practice. Almost two decades of experience in Continuum Movement and Continuum Montage (Susan Harper) offer the unique exploration into movement “as something we are, not just something we do.” (Emilie Conrad.) Ongoing studies with Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank, authors of "How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning & Body Awareness" inspire and inform. Perceptual practices influence and engage the body of perception, where infinite potential awaits.
The restoration of the indigenous wisdom of the body as ally and guide are at the heart of these explorations.

"We must undo our perceptions and coordinations daily to extend the moment of possibility and allow again the new gesture to come."
-Hubert Godard

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Deepening Into Light: An Immersion in Continuum Movement and Creative Process, with Doris Maranda and Penny Allport.

Through the resources and processes of Continuum Movement, perceptual inquiry and ritual space, join us for a shared time of moving, creating and being in the embrace of nature, silence, and others who are called to deepen into an embodied sense of lightness at this potent time of the year. A container is offered to serve a collective field of movement inquiry, and to nourish into fruition, the buds of what is gestating in the deep well of our being. Extended silence offers time to slow down, engage in natural rhythms, both inner and outer, and to allow movement and meaning to unfold.
Space and supplies for expressivity through paint, paper, collage and other creative portals is offered. Doris Maranda & Penny Allport combine over forty-three years of experience diving in the deep well of Continuum Movement.

The Nature of Body and the Body of Nature

This workshop offers an introduction, or expansion of interest, in inquiry-based movement practice. We draw on the medicine of Continuum Movement, perceptual practices, and our evolutionary movement lineage (single cell to a species inclusive anatomy, drawn from the unfolding mystery of life on earth).
We include the rich surround of six acres of life unfolding as rich medicine and mirror for our movement explorations. We are shaped by the landscape. As nature, the body has daily, monthly and seasonal rhythms.
We take these into our movement dives.
Our inquiry takes an interest in the restoration and respect of the moving somatic intelligence of body nature. This workshop will be of interest to anyone who deeply cares about the nature of health, the intrinsic health of nature, and the innate intelligence of the moving, breathing, pulsing, changing and bounteous process we call "body."
Embodied consciousness unfolds in a container of care and creative inquiry.

Being Green Again

“We began as mineral
We emerged into plant life & into the animal state, then to being human
And always we have forgotten our former states,
except in early spring,
when we dimly recall being green again.”

~ Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks)

  • Engage in the creative play of breath and movement, sound and sensation,
    metaphor and meaning.
  • Re-member the wisdom and eternal resource of your animal body.
  • Attend the subtle rhythms of life emerging in the unfolding now.
  • Embrace and welcome ease in movement through explorations in the movement patterns of our biological history.
  • Restore play as a primary healer in the renegotiation of limiting movement patterns.


Somatic Attunement a weekend retreat for Practitioners in the Healing Arts, with Mariah Moser & Penny Allport

Land with us in Paradise Found for a weekend of somatic attunement. This workshop brings into harmony deep inquiry-based embodied explorations with the neurobiology of presence and attunement.
Topics include neurobiological concepts of what supports brain integration, enhanced social engagement and self-regulation capacities.
In community and nature we foster our capacity for somatic attunement to deepen into fresh ways of being and perceiving.

We return to daily life – refreshed and nourished both
personally and professionally.
Find out more about Mariah Moser at

Strong, Soft, and Subtle: An Inquiry Based Movement Workshop

This two-day class explores the origins of movement, through the embodied imagination of various stages of evolution. The body as nature, cosmological wonder, ally and guide are directly experienced. We draw on the cycles of nature, the elements as living activities, and the shapes and gestures of life’s continuum.
We discover strength in fluidity, softness in the relaxation of effort, and increase capacity for subtlety of experience in movement, perception and life.

Theme: Liberating the Fish Body

Liberating the "fish body" can serve to liberate spinal movement, over habituated in daily life to our human upright posture. We can find renewed sense of pleasure and release unnecessary effort through playfully exploring this evolutionary movement. In breath, embodied imagination, playful inquiry and discovery we can liberate the fish body and recover grace and ease in movement, the body and life!!

Dates TBA.

$150.00 (Bring a friend and two come for $135.00 each)

Moving Mondays

Moving Mondays
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Drop ins welcome!
with Penny Allport
Dream Lodge, Wilson Creek

Inquiry based means we are all explorers meeting in a field of curiosity and wonder, listening deeply to the intrinsic intelligence of life moving through us in the present moment. There is a safe container, and an offering of seeds and shapes of expressions of moving life drawn from the intelligence of the living earth and the body's elemental and creature ancestry. We experience intrinsic strength, the relaxation of effort and the mutability of form. Old habits fall away as life is allowed to move in the river of conscious embodiment.

$21.00 per class
To Register: or 604 885 4663 Drop-ins welcome!
Many have asked for a drop-in style class to explore through the inquiry based practices of Continuum Movement, the infinite exploration of Yoga, evolutionary movement and practices of embodied perception and meditation.

Moving Pioneers

Ongoing alternating Thursday mornings 9:30 - Noon
Pioneer Church, Steveston Highway, Richmond, BC

No classes in Summer.

Call to inquire re: space.

"Let yourself become a caretaker of silence, a connoisseur of stillness, so that you can slow down and recover the rhythm in the heart that moves the body first, and the mind second. Open the space and let yourself have time to breath, to dream, to dare, to play, to pray, to move freely, in a world our minds have forgotten but our bodies remember."
-Terry Tempest Williams

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