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Penny offers Retreats on various themes throughout the year (see below) along with the opportunity to design retreats for individuals, partners and groups in Paradise Found. To inquire please contact Penny at or 604 803 4607

Self-Directed Personal Retreats in Paradise Found

Personal Retreat offers time to let go of habitual ways of being in thought, movement, relationship and life. Time for reflection and rest allow regulation and integration of that which we are meeting in everyday life. Come for a day, a weekend, a week or more. Create your own personal retreat in the embrace of Paradise Found, six acres of simple beauty on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, where the imagination and mirror of nature can restore our capacity to re-dream our lives.

Download the Personal Retreat Brochure (2.5 Mb).



Gather a small group of friends, colleagues or family to celebrate a significant birthday, graduation, rite of passage or important moment in your life where you wish to pause, integrate, and deeply experience the moment through ceremony and celebration.

Penny has created rites of passage and ceremony for weddings, baby blessings, celebrations of life and other soulful moments, and welcomes any opportunity to co-create with you!

Note: Any of the retreat or class themes can be incorporated into a weekend for individuals, couples and groups.

Darkening into Light: A Winter Retreat with Penny Allport


Create in paint, paper, collage and other mediums available, a portal into the coming year.

This weekend is offered as a retreat format with accommodations included. Call to inquire into participation as a commuter.

Re-Dreaming the Second Half of Life: The Weaving Years
(known as the decade of the Fifty's) A weekend retreat with Penny Allport 

This weekend retreat will call upon the wisdom and magic of a story drawn from the cross-cultural research of Anthropologist and Author, Angeles Arrien, a long time mentor of mine.  Angeles differentiated eight gates that each of us possess the capacity to pass through in the “Second Half of Life.”  Each gate offers tasks, challenges, practices, reflections and gifts.
John and I have created a walking journey of the eight gates on our land, Paradise Found.  The embodied imagination is enlivened and invigorated through engagement with all of the senses and perceptual capacities we each uniquely experience and receive life through. With a specific focus on the 50’s, this retreat tends what some have called “the weaving years,” a time of deepening, dreaming and drawing on the direct experience of our lives to better meet the new life arriving. 
Morning Yoga/embodied practices/meditation, will offer a time to deepen and land into the foundation for human experience – the body. Explorations in creative process with writing, painting and the rich surround of six and a half acres of nature in the season of most flourishing, will offer time to dream new dreams for the life wanting to be lived through each of us at this time. This weekend is offered as a “rite of passage” in the journey of becoming wise elders, engaged in our communities, relationships and the fulfilling life of the Soul. 

Embodied Women, Resilient Girls: An Overnight Retreat
for Girls 11-13 years, and the women who love them, with Penny Allport in Paradise Found, Wilson Creek, Sunshine Coast

Yoga ~Awareness Practices~Journaling~Painting~Storytelling     & Nature

Annual Retreats

Darkening into Light,
A Winter Retreat, with Penny Allport

As I watch the hostas descend into the soil that has sustained their green beauty and flowering all summer, the goldening leaves illuminate the entire garden bed in praise.
There is something about deepening into earth's rhythms and this darkening time in the seasons, that delivers things into authentic light and radiant beauty - in nature, and in each of us.
We are humbled, earthed for a time, and our radiance grows brighter with space open to meet the places where our physical eyes cannot see, but our Soul eyes have twenty-twenty vision.
This retreat is a time of conscious slowing down, descending into the season that calls us to hibernate, deeply rest and reflect. What is integrated illuminates our path with fresh possibilities for spring.
What we will do: We will explore, through inquiry-based movement, meditation, breath and sound, perception and play, ways to deepen and slow to the rhythms of nature at this most potent time in the seasonal cycle.

There will be space for writing, painting process (optional), musing, and explorations in nature to serve the Soulful stirrings of life arriving. Dreams, both from our journals, and that arrive during our time together, will be welcomed and fleshed into.
We will leave with tangible practices to serve the darkening days ahead and meet the Winter Solstice, prepared to fully receive the medicine of returning light.

Stewarding Soul, with Penny Allport

“We can know our soul only through a primary act of self-love, which is not to love ourselves as if we were objects to ourselves, but rather, the dedicated work of being present to our depths.”  Robert Sardello

A 9-month process-oriented offering that includes four weekend retreats. Each weekend is consciously set at the beginning of a season, and offers three months of inquiry based practices for daily living to invite and embody an aspect of Soul longing to be integrated into our lives at this time.
Through mask making the first weekend, we are seeded with a creative container for this nine-month birthing process.
Each weekend offers explorations in movement, writing, storytelling, dream work, sound/voice, painting and writing process, and engagement in circle/ceremony/ritual space to deepen into Soul. 
The invitation is to take this as a special time in one's journey to tend and commit to the Soul's deepest longings and call. 

We are held, and hold the space for each other in the group, as we engage in the fullness and flourishing of soulful living.

Find out about The Fourth Annual Stewarding Soul 2015 Gathering. Click here.

Remaining 2015 Dates: October 30 - Nov. 1, 2015.

Please note: a commitment to all four weekends is required.  Should you need to miss one due to unforeseen circumstances, you can be updated into the practices, to continue in the process.

Contact Penny to enquire at 604 803 4607

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