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Private Sessions & Mentorship are available in person or by phone (in person mentorships are available in Richmond, Vancouver & Sunshine Coast).

A private session offers one on one time to meet what is arriving in the body, movement and life.  Soulful and somatic tracking, dream tending, inquiry into perceptual habits and deep listening serve the innate capacity we each have to digest and integrate the experiences of our lives.

Sessions can include tending physical, emotional, spiritual, soulful and challenging life experiences and questions. Resources are offered to serve the soul’s enduring call to meet what is arriving in daily life; be it an exam, challenging relational issue, spiritual emergence, pain, or mysterious symptom. Resiliency can be refreshed and restored through practices in nervous system regulation. 

As each session is inquiry based, together we are co-stewards in listening and feeling into the somatic (sensations of the living body) and serendipitous signs and cycles of life moving in the present moment.  Including embodied intelligence and imagination, our nature/nurture stories become integrated into the Soul’s relentless call and capacity to live authentic and meaningful lives. We land in the direct experience and wonder of the calamity and rapture of being human, available and willing to meet what is arriving next.


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