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About Paradise Found

Paradise Found is a six and a half acre sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, stewarded by Penny and her partner of 25 years, John.

"It is a wondrous work of love unfolding."  Andrea, participant  09/14

The land fosters frog ponds, bat, butterfly and bird habitat, a small orchard of pear, apple and cherry trees, and an edible garden of rotating bounty. Two equine guardians, Dancer and Cocoa, contribute to the cycle of life with compost, and offer a peaceful presence as they freely roam the green pastures. Bee hives humm in the heart of the garden, pollinating all who come with their medicine. Permaculture principles continue to influence and educate all of us here, from the micro to the macro!

In the embrace of cedars, alders and Douglas Fir, Wilson Creek meanders through the land as eagles and hawks soar overhead, and ravens cackle and call inspiration from the tree tops. Smudge, our resident feline, prowls the four corners scouting out wandering visitors who might lye in the nearest sun patch with him. Sophia, our canine sister invites all to play ball, or sit quietly and listen to the breeze as it dances in the leaves of the trees.

A Dream Lodge in the center offers space to move, breathe, write, paint and dream new dreams of both personal and planetary healing.
You are welcome to come for a day, a week or more, to settle, rest and listen to the Soul’s longings at this time. We welcome your footprints here in Paradise Found (or "lost and found" as I like to call it some days!!)

Paradise Found
“Our separation from the sacred, the pain of our isolation, may this be the open door that leads us to the table of restoration. May we sit around the table, may we break bread around the table, may we stand on top of the table, may we turn the table over and dance, leap, leap for joy… Conserving a spirit, our own spirits once lost, now found. Paradise found, right here on this beautiful blue planet called earth.”
-Terry Tempest Williams, Leap


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