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See also my Moving Ceremonies website, and Centre For Earth and Spirit. Read the May 25, 2017 article in the New York Times by Catherine Porter entitled "At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life and the Gift of Death".

Penny Allport 2017

From 2016.

Hello dear human’s kind!

A new year opens with sunlight and blue skies here on the West Coast. What a blessing to live in a place where the elements dance with such grace and gusto!


It has been a few months since my last transmission to you and I wanted to send a short update and a few announcements too!

On Solstice as I stood still with the sun, and leaned into a moment of reflection, I was warmed with appreciation for the threads we each follow and the unique folks and practices, places and experiences that call each of us into being. I am also humbled by the perfection of all the best laid plans that go sideways and how something greater than our little self conspires to protect and guide us!

A self proclaimed Stewarding Soul, my passion for the possibilities for living and being human at this time on the planet have beaconed me into uncertain places, vulnerable experiences, unreasonable conversations, strange callings and challenging sensations. These are what continue to call me into being - risking significance, holding the incredible tension of seeming opposites and meeting what arrives with as much grace and gusto as i can muster! I take the elements as my guides and witness!

I’ve noticed that about every 13 years or so, some whirlwind blows around inside me, shaking up the furniture and dustballs under them, rearranging my neatly laid out carpets and thoughts, watering some long forgotten seeds and dreams, igniting fires of stacked paper and best laid plans, softening some hardened and old belief patterns, arousing fresh interests and unreasonable requests of my perceived safe and well organized life!

And, as 2016 unfolds I am at a threshold of change again, stepping out like the Fool in the Tarot. And, with great surprise I find the earth rising to meet me, the winds conspiring to breathe me, the fires warming the heart of new desires, and some fresh water flowing from my eyes and sinuses (Yes!! a good cold can thresh almost everything out!)

I am taking a sabbatical from my year long programs, annual retreats and weekly classes here in Paradise and in the City.

I am still dedicated to meeting you one-with-one for private sessions or personal retreat when you feel called to meet your own thresholds. Sessions are in person (Richmond, Vancouver & Sunshine Coast), by phone or Skype.

I welcome opportunities to share the Yoga of Perception, Re-imagining Relationships, Embodied Women, Resilient Girls, or Stewarding Soul programs in your studio and community. These can be evening, day long or weekend offerings. Organizing a group to come here to Paradise is a possibility as well.

And, I am taking up my Celebrancy cloak and wearing it out into the World. As of January I am an authorized Life-Cycle Celebrant and available to co-create ceremony with you! Weddings, Vow Renewals, Baby Blessings and Namings, Celebrations of Life and whatever other markers of change you wish to meet with presence and blessing.

I am also following a call from a small but feisty part of me to tend the writing Muse and bring a few scribblings into fruition. Stay tuned!

May this find you where ever you are, with whatever and whomever you are with!

In deepest appreciation for so many years of moving, being and dreaming together.


and I’ll let Reggie Ray have the last word.

"Don't be afraid to be a mystery to yourself. So many times we do things or take certain directions that we don't understand. It is only much later that we see how that action fit perfectly and inevitably to the overall pattern of our life. That is why it is so important to be willing to take a chance on our inspiration our intuition, our hunger. When we override our deepest desires with 'practical, 'reasonable' considerations we are not only wasting our time, we are passing up precious opportunities that will not come again."

-Reggie Ray


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