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“What if imagination and art are not frosting at all, but the fountainhead of human experience?” - Rollo May




The Yoga of Perception: The Relaxation of Effort, When the Body says Yes!

Are you longing to experience more balance and grace
in your body and in life? Would you like to increase strength, resilience
and flexibility? Are you interested in softening some of the habits of
movement that limit life and expression? Do you feel there is something more the body
is capable of, but are unsure how to access it?

Then, The Yoga of Perception is for you!
Here, we take time to slow down, listen and feel.
We offer interest and care to the already aware and moving body.
Together in a field of inquiry, we discover movement in stillness and stillness in movement.
All levels of movement capacity welcome! The Yoga of Perception is for every Body! Although asana is not formally taught, the practices and principles readily serve those who wish to apply them in asana practice.

To register: Contact 604.803.4607; Private sessions available


Re-imagining Relationship: The Six Servants of Inner Union
with Penny Allport (download the poster)

Are you longing to experience a deeper sense of connection and playfulness in life?
Are you interested in bringing artistry to the craft of relationship?
Have you been deepening engagement with the divine feminine and
wondering WHERE the healthy masculine is?
It’s time to meet THE SIX SERVANTS of inner union!
Re-imagining Relationships is a soulful and somatically based approach that
brings artistry to the place where all human relationships originate –
the human body and imagination.
This class invites you to creatively explore archetypes grounded in a cultural myth,
The Six Servants, a story ripe for re-imagining in modern times.

The four royal characters and six humble servants are archetypes that offer a playful and engaging approach into the body of perception as a resource in all of our relations.
• Storytelling • Journaling • Dream Work • Drawing • An embodied approach to archetypes
The artistry of relationships is truly a worthy craft to cultivate!


Re-imagining Relationships: Where the Healthy Masculine and Feminine Meet!

Are you longing to experience a deeper sense of connection and playfulness in life?
Are you interested in relationships as spiritual practice?
Have you been deepening engagement with the divine feminine and wondering WHERE the healthy masculine is?

It’s time to meet THE SIX SERVANTS of inner union!
Re-imagining Relationships is a soulful and somatically based inquiry, bringing imagination to the place where all human relationships originate – the human body.
This class invites you to explore archetypes grounded in a cultural myth, The Six Servants, ripe for re-visioning in modern times. These archetypes offer a playful and engaging approach into the body of perception as a resource in all of our relations.
In Re-imagining Relationships you will exprience how our somatic and perceptual reality can shape-shift the moment of relating through awareness in the embodied now. Beyond gender, each human is called to unite the inner masculine and feminine in a sacred union that can serve the individual, the community and the world.

To register: Contact 604.803.4607; Private sessions available in Re-imagining Relationships.

The Fourth Annual Stewarding Soul Gathering

Stewarding Soul: A Summer Workshop & Mask Making Journey with Penny Allport

Join with other soul stewards for a four day journey into soul making. 
Create a mask to uncover and recover something longing to bud, bloom or flourish in you at this time.

Deepen into the senses and sensation as portals to recover soul qualities lying dormant or yet unknown. Take time out of time, soul dreaming in the embrace of nature.
Explore embodiment through inquiry-based Yoga and Movement explorations.

This process begins in a circle of inquiry, as we seed interest and stirrings in the depths of our soul at this time.  We each create a mask from the template of our face as a blank canvas of possibility.  During the weekend, through dives in embodiment explorations, writing reveries, and space to dwell in creative process in the mirror and embrace of nature, we embellish and grow our mask into creation.  Inner and outer realities meet as we weave our soul dreams together.  We leave with tangible practices and processes to continue the journey in our daily lives.  Here, together we will remember living Soulcentric lives, breaking the habit of modern culture's over orientation on making busy vs making soul.
To inquire: or 604 803 4607 or 
Kim Gillett (604) 889-3342 and

The Yoga of Perception: An inquiry based approach

An Intensive for Yoga Instructors, Movement Facilitators, Somatic Educators, Wellness Practitioners & Interested Folks
with Penny Allport

The Yoga of Perception is the harvest of over twenty-five years of practice, exploration and facilitation in the fields of Yoga (Sandra Sammartino), Continuum Movement (Emilie Conrad & Susan Harper), Em’oceans & Sensations and Dreamtime trainings (Susan Harper), Portals of Perception and the Body of Perception trainings (Susan Harper, Hubert Godard and Pilar Martin), & other Somatic based work. The evolutionary movement explorations of Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose, authors of How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness deeply inform this synthesis of inquiry based practices.

Re-Dreaming the Second Half of Life, with Penny Allport
Paradise Found, Wilson Creek, Sunshine Coast, BC.


This weekend retreat draws on the wisdom and magic of a story created by cross-cultural Anthropologist and Author, Angeles Arrien.  Angeles differentiated eight gates that each of us will encounter in the “Second Half of Life.” (cross-culturally being age thirty-six)
Each gate offers tasks, challenges, practices, reflections and gifts, to serve the deepening of our character and the enrichment of life as we age.
Penny and her partner John have created a walking journey of the eight gates on their land, Paradise Found, on the Sunshine Coast, where Penny has offered retreats for men and women in the Second Half of Life for over 10 years.
The wild and wise imagination of each participant is enlivened and invigorated through writing, meditation, dream tending, embodied practices of awareness and creative processes that engage each of the gates.  Participants will leave with tangible tools and resources to meet the challenges and gifts of this potent time in the human journey.

Re-Dreaming the Second Half of Life is an opportunity to deepen, dream and recover resiliency through the harvest your unique life experience.

The weekend is offered as a modern rite of passage in the journey of becoming wise elders, engaged in our communities, relationships and the fulfillment of the Soul's relentless call.

To inquire: Penny Allport, 604.803.4607

Being Green Again: Reconnecting to our Evolutionary Movement Lineage

with Amy Kiara Ruth and Penny Allport
To Register: or 604 803 4607 or 604 885 4663

-Engage in the creative play of breath and movement, sound and sensation,
metaphor and meaning.
-Re-member the wisdom and eternal resource of your animal body.
-Attend the subtle rhythms of life emerging in the unfolding now.
-Embrace and welcome ease in movement through explorations in the movement
patterns of our biological history.
-Restore play as a primary healer in the renegotiation of limiting movement patterns.
-Experience your self freshly. Be Green Again!

Landing in Your Seat: The Relaxation of Effort in Order to Sit with Penny Allport


Whether sitting for mediation practice and/or our vocation calls us to our seat, sitting posture can be fraught with the challenges of a body that is primarily fluid and desiring movement. In this day-long workshop we will explore sitting posture through a re-imagination in the body of perception. We will deepen our capacity to relate with Earth and Sky, and cultivate a sense of fluid and spacious presence in the embodied now.

Drawing on inquiry based practices of Yoga, Continuum Movement, perceptual inquiry, the evolutionary movement sequence and a deep reverence for the innate wisdom of the living body, the day will be nourishing, informative and serve you to relax effort and land in your seat with ease and joy! Cushions and chairs available.


I have three categories of classes from which to choose
(click on category title to view full description and details)

Somatic Attunement & Movement Education

All movement classes and workshops with Penny call on the wisdom of Yoga as an inquiry based practice. Almost two decades of experience in Continuum Movement and Continuum Montage (Susan Harper) offer the unique exploration into movement “as something we are, not just something we do.” (Emilie Conrad.) Ongoing studies with Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank, authors of "How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning & Body Awareness" inspire and inform. Perceptual practices influence and engage the body of perception, where infinite potential awaits.
The restoration of the indigenous wisdom of the body as ally and guide are at the heart of these explorations.


Painting from the Inside Out

“You must give birth to your images, they are the future waiting to be born.” 
-Rainer Maria Rilke


Painting from the Inside Out continues to evolve after over a decade of sharing painting as a Soul process.

Painting from the Inside Out came about through my own call over ten years ago to paint. I knew there was something inside me that wanted out - not for show or sale, and that it was something that could not be written or moved, spoken or gestured quite yet. The pure pleasure of moving liquid colour, and a container of safety and soulful presence, coaxed latent and dormant parts of me out to play. I am deeply touched and moved each time I meet the Muse in this way.

Through gentle breathing and movement explorations we soften the constraints of the inner critic. In a container of silence and spacious time, images and gestures waiting to be born come forth. In the community of fellow Soulful Explorers we become more willing to meet the Muse in naked awareness, breathing colour onto the page without ideas of "wrong and right doing."

In the pause after painting, we deepen into the waking dream before us, through inquiry and playful musing. We depart with a tangible reflection of some mysterious and previously inarticulate or expressed aspect of our soul's journey.

This process can be done in groups, and individuals can benefit from a private session as well. I have shared the process with couples, who, in painting together in this way, find playful ways to communicate sometimes unexplainable or speakable things. Dreams are wonderful portals to explore!!

Come, play. be surprised and receive some Soul Medicine delivered directly to you!!

Embodied Women, Resilient Girls


A day for girls age 9-12 and the women who love them. Through gentle explorations in yoga, embodied movement inquiry, exchanges in nature, journal writuing, storytelling, playful painting process and sharing in a circle of inquiry we will deepen embodiment, grow resiliency and return to our lives with tangible resources for the challenges of every day life. Do note that more than one woman can come with a young one, and more than one young one can come with a woman or women.

Yoga ~Awareness Practices~Journaling~Painting~Storytelling     & Nature

Embodied Women, Resilient Girls: An Overnight Retreat
for Girls 11-13 years, and the women who love them, with Penny Allport. Download poster for more information, click here.

The Six Servants, A Journey into the
Soul of Relationship


Click here for 2015 poster

Through the oral tradition of storytelling, meet The Six Servants, archetypal characters re-discovered in a timeless European teaching myth. In a circle of inquiry, through meditation, dream work, writing, ceremony and the theatre of embodied imagination we evolve outdated relational habits, and grow in our latent capacities and longings to relate with all of life.
Through daily embodied practices of awareness, we directly experience and receive the perceptual gifts of these characters, here to serve the most "rigorous spiritual practice" known to human kind - Relationships! Through playful curiosity and care, we discover new ways of meeting and being met by the world, in the fullness of our unique and embodied soulful expression.

Archive of Previous Classes:

I am happy to create any of the following classes for your small group or studio! Please contact me to sponsor a program!


Phone 604-885-4663

Summertime Day-Long Offerings, with Penny Allport (including A Full Moon Musing and A New Moon Exploration)

Moving in the Field, with Penny Allport

Being Green Again: Reconnecting to our Evolutionary Movement Lineage, with Amy Kiara Ruth and Penny Allport

How Life Moves: An Inquiry into the Restoration of Imagination and a Call to Creatively Engage with Life, with Penny Allport

The Well of Remembrance, with Penny Allport

The Sacred Art of Dreaming: A 5-Week Adventure, with Penny Allport

Deepening in the Mystery Intensive, with Penny Allport

The Relaxation of Effort: When the Body Says Yes! An Inquiry in Body, Movement & Life, with Penny Allport

Moving the Medicine of Dreams, with Penny Allport

The Re-enchantment of the Body, Movement & Life, with Penny Allport

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